Halloween 2009

Best day I have had in 2 years. Now I am making dough for tomorrow because I under estimated what we would use today. This will be a late night :?

my a$$ is dragging, really busy night. lots of BIG delivery’s and dining room was packed (lots of trick or treaters too!!)
we have the fortunate to be next to a fire station and police station…so we were doing free hot chocolate and cookies…almost everyone that came in dined in so that was good. but it adds a little more to m plate today because we are low on a lot of things so I have an unscheduled trip to sams club or GFS today…ps happy day light savings

Spot on !!!

As it turned out we had a reasonably quiet night, vandal wise. Must have been the police cars patrolling the area every few hours. First year we haven’t had to clean eggs off the shop front. Then again the kids are running scared of me at the moment after some bad vandalism to my car a couple of months ago. I put the word out that those responsible would be “dead meat” and I got in the ear of a lot of young kids who used to hang around causing a nuisance. Got the word back through some kids that the ones who damaged my car are too frightened to come anywhere near the area because they think I’m a madman :lol:

Glad to hear all you guys had a good Halloween. It really helps to get some good numbers after all the downs in the last 12 months.


Friday and Saturday were great.

Halloween, being on a Saturday was interesting. When Halloween falls on a weekday we are busy to around 7:30. This year it died out around 6:30. I thought that was it until around 8:00 we got hit with another big rush until after 9:00. Since there is no school the next day everyone was free to party it up more after trick-or-treating.

Most of the time I would rather take the holiday during the week so build that night up but its hard to say what was better this time.

Good job everyone! Great to hear all the success stories. I’m a bit above my best Sunday ever and still doing delivery for the series game, I’m in PA! Awesome holiday, let’s get the next 2 months as well gang.


Saturday was kind of a “perfect storm” for us. Halloween, Homecoming for our college and daylight savings time. We’re open 'til 3 a.m. on weekends to catch people after the bars close at 2, so the bars are open an extra hour and it’s a big night for people to go out.

We came close to our single day record on Saturday, but easily set a weekly sales record. Up about 35%. Taking that extra money and sinking it into marketing.

It was like another Super Bowl night . Great night for us. Friday was also way up.

our verdict…

Best night of the year but not as strong as last year. We’re a Delco. about 40% were deliveries.

We are going to have to do something to push Halloween up next year. It always used to be insane so we never did anything special to promote it. Last year was slower than expected and this year was a below average Saturday.