Halloween Hot & Ready

With Halloween being on a Friday this year and my Friday’s already being busier then ever, I am considering offering a carry-out only, hot & ready cheese or pepperoni pizza from 3:30-7:30pm. I’ve never done anything like this, have any of you?

We are promoting halloween big time this year with door hangers and 15k mailers. Its going to be a crazy long day, shooting for selling 800 pizzas at my Busy store and 500-600 at the other one

Sound like a great idea! Strike while the fish are biting! If we don’t do $10,000 just that day I will be shocked!

We keep them ready almost every night… they hold well for about 30 minutes and they’re always gone within 10 or so. Halloween we might keep different sizes ready as well, should be nuts. Can’t wait.

Thats awesome!! Im shooting for 8500 (ish) Would be our best day ever if we do

You need the capacity to hold all of these hot and readys and all your normal carryout orders at once. Just something to think about. Maybe throw your best selling specialty pizza out there as well if its going well. When I was a G.M. for little caesars we would TRY to keep 30 peps and 20 ch “ready” on halloween. It never worked until the 3rd deck went in.