Halloween ideas???

This is our second Halloween and I was wondering if anyone did some cool Halloween offers? I have been brainstorming but I can’t seem to come up with anything different and unique. I would love to hear any ideas you guys have!! Thanks!

I’m going to have a costume photo contest. I was thinking about having an actual costume party, but there’s too much competition for drawing people in on Halloween night. So, I’m going to let people e-mail or bring in photos of their costumes. On November 3rd, I’ll select a winner and they’ll get a family meal (Large pizza, salad, garlic bread, and soda). The cost is minimal.

It may not drive too many people in, but the lingering affects are beneficial. I’ll be posting all of the pictures on the wall for a couple of months. Everyone seems to like seeing themselves and friends on the wall. 8)

I’m also going to be handing out coupons to the kiddies for a free personal pizza.

Not really an offer, but this year, our store theme is going to be “Samurai Pizzeria” (from the original SNL Live, for you young punks :wink: Can’t wait until somebody asks me to make one half & half - HAIIIIIYA!

Our sales on Halloween are usually the typical sales from the six weeks prior. So I decided…why not…

14" One Topping Pizza 5.00 Carry Out Only Halloween Only.

It is our Spooktacular Special.

I always worry about delivering that night cuz of trick or treaters so this will bring em in. Sure we will still have delivery but this will get us busy for sure in carry outs. Sometimes it is fun to shake things up.


I always tell my staff to let the customers know to expect delivery to take a little longer and let the drivers know they need to use extra caution on that night - I’d much rather have an order be late than kill some trick or treater! Without exception, customers who call in for delivery appreciate the precautions that we take - you just need to let them know about it.

sunday afternoon are a little slow for us so we decided to have a pumpkin carving contest.

we went to our local farmers market and bought a bunch of pumpkins. We also got a few pumpkin knives and some donated dremels to help. The winner get a gift certificate to our restaurant. Everyone else gets to keep their pumpkin and a bag of seeds the we plan to season and cook in the oven while they are carving.

we did it last year with word of mouth and had 25 show up and and extra $700 in sales the two hours they were here. So we are advertising it this year so we are hoping it will be big!

it is this sunday so I’ll let ya’all know!