Halloween Parade

We’re participating in a Halloween Parade this weekend.

What have you guys done in the past?

Elmo went over so good for Customer Appreciation Day, I might rent him again to walk in the parade.

We’ve never done anything like that. It’s a good idea. I’ll have to see if there is a parade here in my area.

What ideas do you have so far as far as giveaways and advertisment during the parade ?

Anybody got a good source for a giant slice-of-pizza costume?
I’m looking (and looking and looking) for something really unique. Could use it ALL YEAR, too. I’d have one by now, but the only places I can find that seem to do anything like what I have in mind are making disney-quality costumes and charging THOUSANDS for them.
So now, I’d look at anything that might stand out and represent my shop walking in parades, etc. But I do want a slice of pizza (not Elmo - though that is cute!)

contact the staff at PMQ, they had some,

eBay. All items all the time :smiley: I’ve seen the costumes there regularly, but cannot quote pricing. I recall them being realistic if not affordable. (not in my size, though)

here is a company that you can buy from or they will rent you one
signs & shapes 402-331-381 www.signsandshapes.com

Here is a link to a search I just did on eBay. Lots of options to purchase under $50.