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At my shop we do pan pizza in a rectangle pan. I stretch it all by myself. We are doing pretty good business and with Corona closing a lot of prime locations, I want to expand to another location. However, there is no way I will be able to make all the dough and stretch it for 2 stores. Here is where I need help from someone who has more experience than me…

Are there any machines that I could get to speed up my process? I’ve seen pie rollers and dough sheeters, but I’m wondering how that will change my crust texture. Also, I don’t know if they would even speed up the time that much. Does anyone have any ideas to help speed up the stretching/panning process?

Alternatively, I thought about hiring some people to help stretch the pizza by hand. But I am having a hard time finding someone that I can fully trust.

If any got any suggestions or tools that could help me, It would really be appreciated.


A dough sheeter won’t change much as long as you have it set accordingly. It may take a few dough balls to get the thickness you want but I think you’ll find better consistency that way

a dough rounder will help for sure for balling the dough. A sheeter for rectangular pans might only require one pass. I would recommend finding a place to test one out on your dough since everyones style is different.

I agree with Steve and Famousperry. I use a sheeter. I can cut and pan 50 pounds of dough in less than an hour. I flatten and shape the dough in a rectange about an inch thick before I run it through the sheeter so that it comes out the shape and the size of the pan. There is very little streaching if any. It is easy to train the staff to do it the same way.

thanks I’m looking into this. Any suggestions on sheeter type or brand?

When I worked at Rosatis we used a Sommerset cdr2000 it was very user friendly and never had any issues

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Somerset CDR-2000 is the model we use

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