Hand stuck in sheeter

Yep, I figured it was probably one of those. I picked up one of those at a used equipment place sight unseen - so I didn’t know exactly what I was getting. As soon as I got it we were looking for something else. I don’t see how they could have ever been considered safe.

A like the Anets much better…


I’ve had that happen, I still remember the ER doc saying, “There was minimal powdering of the bone”…

Also don’t be surprised if you get a surprised visit from OSHA on this.

For years we have promoted the Annets unit. As far as I know it is the only unit that meets the OSHA standard for dough rollers. OSHA has a standard but they do not grant approvals.

Despite our informing buyers the less expensive units are usually ordered by the operators.

George Mills

Hello everyone… I just sent Piper a pm but I thought I would post it here as it is a fix that I have seen implemented in the past on other types of ingredient chutes that had crushers in them that also had safety bars that were a little too high and by the time they were lifted to stop the drive gears…well… as someone posted here…there would have been “powdering of the bone”…that hurts just typing it. What I have seen done is to take pipe insulation and wrap the bar with the appropriate size. Then seal and secure it with food grade tape. This gives you a smaller opening and in the worse case of the foam coming loose…it will pass thru without tearing up the rollers or drive. Other nice thing is that you are talking about a $2 or $3 fix that can be replaced as it gets dirty or whenever. I am not one that would normally support a quick fix…but in this case… most people can not afford to run out and drop a couple thousand on a new sheeter so this might help save a few fingers for the thousands of this type of safety bar that are currently being used. Let me know what you all think. If I am missing something and this is totally a bad idea…let me know. The only concern I would have is if an injury occured they might say you modified the safety device…but that would be a stretch… again… maybe a quick call to the insurance agent and invite him/her over for a pizza and a walk-thru. Also…good to hear the employee is not too bad off and should be ok. That’s the most important of anything.