Hand Tossed Dough

When hand tossing dough we get holes in the middle. Use 14oz ball for 14 inch pizza. 9oz ball for 12 inch. Dough tears instead of staying uniform in thickness.

What kind of flour, hydration level, fermentation? Could it not be being kneaded long enough also.

Not enough water, not enough oil, not enough fermentation, dough is too cold. That what comes to mind first.

Other than that, is poor hand tossing technique. Sometimes people have to be reminded to “toss” and not “stretch”.

Also, in checking your dough weights I find that if you are looking for the same coverage of the 14-inch pizza as you have with the 12-inch, then your dough weight for the 14-inch pizza should only be 12.25-ounces rather than 14-ounces. This being the case, I would suspect that you have more problems opening the 12-inch than you do the 14-inch pizzas. If the dough thickness is OK with the 14-inch pizza, then you might want to consider going with the same dough loading for the 12-inch pizza that you use for the 14-inch pizza, this will mean upping the dough weight for the 12-inch pizza to 10-ounces. This will give you a consistent dough loading of 0.090909-ounces per square inch of surface area. I mention this because it is easier to open a slightly heavier weight dough piece to a specific size than a smaller/lighter dough piece to the same size. So, by increasing the 12-inch dough weight to 10-ounces, it might be a little easier for you to open without tearing.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I personally use a sheeter to get a decent thickness, and then hand toss the rest of the way to get them to fit the screens correctly… This is only addressing technique though. Sounds like a level of either the oil or water is not off so the dough is basically thinner than it should be.

who makes a 14 inch pizza… i use 22 oz for a 16inch and 16 oz for a 12 inch, your not using enough dough and you are probably not rolling it correctly. use a little more dough and roll it tight and you wont have any holes.

He’s definitely on the thin side, but you can use a 14 oz ball for a 14" pizza. Its definitely thin crust, and you cannot be as rough with it in regards to hand tossing, but it will work. If you do not have enough water or oil, or your ball is too cold, you will subject yourself to easy tears/holes.