Handing Out Flyers - Whats Legal?

I had a couple ideas with Flyers, I do also do graphic design so I was thinking of making my own.

Does anyone know if it is Legal:

  • Put menus on cars? Can you put them lets say under windshield wipers in a parking lot?

  • Can I make 11X8 bigger paper flyer/posters and staple them to telephone poles?

  • Can you walk up and put menus in doors at houses (not in mail boxes, but doors)

Check your city’s website. I would be very suprised if a city would allow you to attach flyers to telephone poles (eyesore) but doesn’t hurt to check - probably falls under city’s sign ordinance. Menus on cars, I haven’t a clue. As far as the two towns I serve , door hangers are totally accepted by the cities as long as there is no human contact with the homeowner and no placement of flyer/menu in mailbox. If one were to desire to speak to a homeowner, they would have to apply for a solicators permit.

I would be wary of putting them under winscreen wipers. All you need is someone to say that you damaged their car and if your flyer is there, well their claim looks the truth.
Also do you guys have strict littering laws that prohibit flyers under windscreens as we do have here?


Like said above, check with your city as it will all come down to them. We wouldn’t be able to do any of the things you listed in my city, but most you probably can.

I would re-think this one. I can’t be alone in thinking this is one of the most irritating forms of advertising there is. I get in my car and then have to get back out to take this crap from under my windshield, not to mention I don’t appreciate people touching my private property. I would never frequent a business that advertised like this.

Yeah just brainstorming… I do agree with the windsheild thing too. Just asking if anyone did that.

My concern with placing flyers underneath the windshield wipers of cars is not so much legality as much as it is return on investment. Let’s say you visit a Wal-Mart shopping plaza and place 100 flyers. How many of these wally world customers live in your area?

Parking lots are nice and easy places to target flyers because you can hit a bunch of people at the same time with little effort where as door hanging at homes involves staying off people’s lawns, longer walks, but at least you can track which areas do better in comparison to the areas that respond not so favorably to door hanging.

Churches are awesome though. Consider placing the flyers underneath the windshield wipers of cars parked at a Sunday church service. Put a great deal on the flyer and require the customer to bring in the church bulletin to get the deal. Now you know which churches in your area like your pizza the most. Plus, you have a church newsletter full of events with contact names on who to call about catering events.

Wallworld, kmart, krogers and the like normally have no soliciting policies anyway, and putting flyers underneath the windshields can get you kicked off the property.

Get custom post-it notes printed up with a coupon on them. Stick one onto the driver’s door window. This way, they see it getting into the car, it pulls off without leaving a mark and you don’t have to touch their windshield wiper.

When I am out and about I look for business vehicles and attach fridge magnets, etc. to them…I put a little flyer and a fridge magnet in a cello envelope…Make sure the magnet is on the back facing car so it has most holding power…I doubt magnet backing would harm anyone’s paint but I generally use a cello envelope…With a larger magnet you can also put larger objects in cello envelopes…Pens, jar grippers, nail files, etc…

http://www.uniquepacking.com has all kinds of cello envelopes…