Handling Foodborne Illness Complaints?

I know this is the second worst call you can get next to your driver calling saying they were in an accident. Looking for some fresh insight.

Do you feel confident in your product and cooking processes? Are you certified and are your managers? If so, kindly advise the customer that you are going to ask for an emergency inspection and ask the health dept. to test the product.

Also, advise them that your supplier and your attorney will be contacting them as part of the investigation and you WILL get to the bottom of it for both your sake and theirs.

Finally, kindly ask them to go to the hospital and have their stool tested.

NOW…if it is a legitimate complaint…they WILL NOT go to the hospital because they are afraid of being caught. If they do, and it comes out positive…the hospital test will tell you the who, what where when.

Lastly, APLOGIZE if it is true and this is why you have Liability Insurance.

Happened to me twice…and neither of the two went to the hospital and BOTH still order…but there is a little note in their file incase they think we forgot.

GOOD LUCK and believe in your product.

Everything you said plus if they refuse to get the tests done and are bad mouthing you have your attorney send them a letter.

Oops…gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah I agree with what both people said. In my measly 8 years doing this, we did have a complaint when I worked at another shop. As soon as we told them that no one else got sick and they need to take the tests, they quickly shutup and we never heard from them again.

My health inspector has acutally provided me with a form to fill out in cases of a complaint. I will see if he has a digital copy that I can send out.

Important not to admit to anything or apologize for making them sick until you get real evidence. Liability admission will cost you even if you are actually not at fault. Play it straight, get the evidence, and make any changes you need to make in processes, handling and food storage. DO NOT admit guilt to anything like this, but do like everyone said and empathize with the customer to let them know you care about their health and safety . . . we all very much should care.