Happy 4th to Everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th. Also…since everyone looks to be closed for the most part… Dave & Daddio… how large does your dilivery area cover? :stuck_out_tongue:

I only get 200 miles to the tank in my little delivery van and comfortable driving speed is only 50 mph so it could be a tough time going very far :lol:

My roots are In Colorado so I silently celebrate the 4th of July. Have a great time and remember don’t drink and drive.

Ah, the 4th of July, the day the young petulant off-spring officially flew the nest!!

The young ones they always think they know better!

Not sure if its any better than the bad ones we sent ‘down under’!


Happy 4th of July to you all!

Ouch Wizzle… it could be worse… if us young’ns had not done what we did… you might have ended up operating “Der Pizzeria” :stuck_out_tongue: Es ist alles gut!

I almost forgot… do you deliver over the pond? :wink:

Mike, I didn’t know you were Russian thanks for saving us in WW2. I was actually referring to the US!

234 years later and still holding a grudge? :roll: lol

no just used to you guys taking the credit for everything even when you turn up late. :wink:

Remember we got the late invitation though… our bad! :roll: But hey…better late than never!

Look at it this way…you should celebrate the 4th as the day you got rid of us? You didn’t even have to shackle us and drop us off on a deserted island… sorry Dave! :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t worry we do!!

Finally Wiz lets on somewhat to where he is. Kept that secret from what I’ve seen til now.

oh come off it, its obvious, I’m the only one on here who can spell properly!!!

Lets get it straight for once, its colour, honour, centre, metre, analyse… ;o)

I suppose now that’s out of the bag theirs only one other thing to guess!! :roll:

There’s not theirs… you must have had an American moment? :stuck_out_tongue:

Their I fixed the “m” lmao… Their you go!.. I just can’t stop :stuck_out_tongue: Their is no end in sight! :wink:

Now, now you’re confusing grammatical correctness with spelling errors, and I was talking about correct spelling. Theirs was actually spelt correctly, although not used in the correct context! :lol:

Ironic thought that you mis-spelt ‘momment’! :roll:

The yanks celebrate everyday. Think of all the good stuff ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) they missed out on - yorkshire pudding, warm beer, soccer teams full of primadonas, stiff upper lips, open door migration policy, Manchester United, pork pies, Chavs - oh they are so good (not !!!)

It must be a good deserted island because half of the white English live in our area. Our suburb has 40% English population and a couple of suburbs just out of delivery area (thank our lucky stars not having to go there :smiley: ) have 60 % POMS. It’s nice to hear an Aussie voice every now and then. Only trouble is that they mainly come from up north and the kids go around in gangs acting as if they are hard core Chavs :evil:

Bring on the Ashes series - we will win it back this year.

Rule Britania … NO WAY !!!


Have you people lost your minds??? Happy 4th everyone!

Don’t drink and play with explosives!

Is that a rhetorical question? We are all associated with the pizza industry!!! :wink:

Yeah Kris that was getting a little too personal… I take my talks with my therapist very seriously! :? Just kidding of corse… I think…,. Hold on let me ask the voices in my head! :shock:

Happy 4th of July to my US friends and to those who found their way north…

I just talked to my WIFE who is in Dushanbe Tajikistan (visiting her sister, I go in 2 weeks)…They are going to a picnic at the US Embassy…Food, friends & fireworks…Should be a 4th of July to remember for her…She is not American but her brother in law is working training police over there for 18 months…

  1. @Wiz - we were supplying the party long before we got a proper invitation (if sinking our Atlantic ships and ambushing our Pearl naval base are proper)

  2. We Yanks are arrogant and pompous, but we know how to throw a party to celebrate our egos :smiley: Really, I think we get it right having an annual remembrance of all those who dedicated their lives to military suport of our ideals and cutural imperialism.Drafted or enlisted, they served the cause when called.