You grumpy ole guss you!!

Are you older than dirt?..Have a great day, eh!..

Best wishes for a long, healthy, happy, prosperous life.
George Mills

Happy birthday pizza brother !!

Thanks everyone. I hope I make it to where george is

Happy Birthday, and wishes for many more!

Happy Birthday!

All the best Richard from the crew down under.


Can’t we go a week without some unsolicited birthday announcement? What’s that got to do with making pizza, anyway?!?! I mean d@mn . . . he’s an irritable, inconsiderate bum who has no tolerance for the new people . . . never has anything positive to say. What do I care if he has a happy birthday?!?!?!?!

Oh . . . what’s that? . . . Daddio? . . . not Dave?

Sincere apologies then. Happiest of returns to you Richard. Our “Pizza Poppin’ Daddio”. :wink:

No cake for you Nick!!! :lol:

Happy Birthday Daddio!

Happy Birthday from our pizza family to you.

Funny man, Nick.

You should be on the stage … the 1st one out of town :lol: :wink:

Just you wait until you get as old as Richard and me then you won’t be laughing.

I only hope to be as well tempered and successful as Richard and you when I get that old. Man, if I ever get that old. We may have nuclear powered ovens by that time.