Happy Birthday NICK SASSO

Best wishes to Nick on his birthday today 20th August from his little fat bald grumpy pizza mate down under.
Have a great day relaxing without having to face a hot pizza oven.


What a thought…Taking your b-day off…Enjoy it Nick…

PS…Thanks for all your great contributions to TT…

Happy Birthday Nick!

I am waiting until after midnight Eastern time! :arrow:

Ok…good to go: Happy B-Day Nick! 8)

Happy Birthday Nick. I am proud to call you my friend. Your insight and wisdom are far beyond your years.

Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick,
from one of the founding members of the bald, fat grumpy pizza guys

Happy birthday my friend, I hope Kim got you something real nice. I got you a 12 pack of Blue Moon’s summer assortment but will be unable to drive down there to deliver so instead the wife and I will drink a toast to you.

Old, fat and grumpy but I still have my hair.

Ditto from the corn fields of Illinois.

And a happy birthday to you from cajun country. Happy birthday, Nick!

Thank God you weren’t here to hear me sing! Happy Birthday! :mrgreen:

Whats your next venture Jim. Creole pizzas?
Nice to see you still around.

Happy birthday Nick. I hope we see you out this direction one of these days.