Happy daddy day!!!!!!!!!!!

Im noticing every holiday it gets slow for me, am I the only 1 ? Oh yeah "HAPPY FATHERS DAY " to ever1 whose a good DADDYYYYYYYYYYY!!! :lol:

Father’s day didn’t really affect me (sales-wise) as much as the 4-day military holiday. For the soldiers I’ve got left on my army post, was a 4-day vacation (Army’s birthday) in which they could go home or do whatever. I was actually prepared to do a little more than normal Sunday night when the guys returned (almost like a campus store Sunday). Sure enough, we got an extended pop and wound up staying open an hour after normal closing hours because the phone just kept ringing. Lunch business, though… sucked. We did $200 for the entire dayshift, which is about $150-$200 below normal. These little mini-holidays can bite you pretty hard if you don’t already have high sales.