Happy Easter

Just a quick note
As I get closer to making the leap and open my own place there isn’t a planning step that I take without thinking “what would the think tankers do?” (pmq needs a WWTTTD? Bumper sticker)

Anyway I wish all a happy Easter or Passover


I have to agree with you. There are some real wise people here.

I would also like to send Easter greets to everyone.


(what would Jesus put on his pizza)

Pizza for Easter!!! mmmmmmmmmm Happy Easter.
What are your Gourmet pizza’s Easter Worthy?

Happy Easter and good luck! :slight_smile: ps we opened at 5pm (vs 11:30 am) so myself and my chefs could have some family time… we still somehow managed to hit 80% of my usual Sunday. me happy. plus 2 people vs 3 on the labor cost… we did get a bunch of other tired n thirsty chefs n bartenders drinking with us…

did others close? business as usual?