Happy Halloween!

I know for my shops it is one of the busiest nights of the year! Here’s to good sales for all of the tt gang!

I need $200 today (should get that by 11:30AM) to have an ALL TIME record month in sales in my shop in Longmont, CO.

Happy Halloween and good luck reaching your record sales goal, Dale!


Happy Halloween, I missed my all time record month by $151. Not too bad considering I had the shop closed for 2 days this month for upgrades. Last week was a record for a single week.

We beat our all time record by 25% we did 1400 more then our best Friday
And beat our best month ever by almost 23k

it was insane, our rush was 150 orders in 2.5 hours we got worked over pretty good.

Hell we beat dominos in our town by 2k.

Nice Job!

We booked over $7000 with $5000 of it coming between 4-8.

My other stores did awesome as well! For sure best Halloween in forever! My Longmont shop ALL TIME RECORD MONTH…my Boulder shop best October since 2002 and my Louisville shop best since Oct 2009. Got to keep it going!

$11172 at our top store. By far our best Halloween. Lets keep that money coming Pizza Guys. We got to pay for Obamacare.


Dam david. Good job.

That’s nuts!!

We had a record Halloween too… but not only a record, but we smashed the previous record by 80%. It was insane; ran out of dough an hour before close.