Happy National Pizza Day


I know today is National Pizza Day and thousands of people will flock to pizzerias all across the country to indulge in some of their favorite slices. I thought of a way you could possible reach thousands of local customers absolutely free. Snapchat, third most used social media app by millennials, is running a “I Love Pizza” feed today. To make the feed, you have to snap something and submit it. If your snap is selected it reaches 100+ million active monthly users.

If you don’t know what Snapchat is, you might as well stop reading now.

I think you could snap a short video (10 seconds or less) that included your pizzeria name/location/special/cute baby eating pizza and submitted it to the feed. If by chance you get selected, it’s hard telling how many of your regular customers use Snapchat and you just got free advertising. What’s the worse that could happen? Waste 10 seconds of your time, you’ve already done that listening to advice from a pizza insert manufacturer.


I hope the snaps I saw last night were from one of you all!!!