Happy New Year

To everyone on the PMQ TT have agreat 2010 and hope that it is a year of happiness and good business for you all.

May the GFC die a natural death and all our customers are back in wealth and spending freely.

I spent New Years Eve doing a major clean up of the shop ( closed from Christmas Day until January 4th ) including a re-paint of the front of shop, fixing new menu boards and doing a general top to toe clean f the total shop - the things we don;t have time to do when we are busy and in full flight.

New Years resolution - be more proctive and spend more time working on the business rather than working in the business. This comes into effect after Sunday when we are back in the shop doing the final clean upo and prepping for our after holiday opening.

Best wishes to you all


Happy New Year!

Since we don’t serve booze we are busy in the afternoon but slower late. This should be a killer weekend for us even though we got a little of the white stuff. Introduced our new calzones this week along with our new Chicago style deep dish pizza, calzones are rocking the party, gonna take some time for the deep dish, it’s something totally new for our area. Looking to finally survive completely on the restaurant this year and stop spending all my savings!

                                                                     Peace, be safe!   Willi