Wishing all on the Think Tank a Happy New Year and hoping that 2014 turns the corner for many of us.
Lets hope that 2014 shows the promise of a return to the better times.
May you and your families and staff all enjoy a Healthy and Safe year.

Happy New Year to all the gang here on Think Tank (especially the old, fat, bald guys 8) )

:lol: :lol: :lol:

couple of questions for Daddio, but I have to do them by e-mail, send me your e-mail partner.

daddio at daddios dot ca

FYI…Spam bots are getting smart…Sometime back a web developer told me text like this could be discovered by spam bots…I had never heard that so I made up a new email address and buried it on my websites…Sure enough, it did not take long for spam to start showing up…