Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone

Good luck to those that are open this evening. For us it will be two very intense hours from 5-7 but otherwise a normal Sunday. Those two hours will rival our busiest hours of the year. We’re staffed up with 25 people working between drivers cooks and managers.

For us west coasters its 2 to 4 pm. I think my manager may have went a little overboard because he has 40 people on the clock right now. They did do 3k from from 2 to 3 with no late orders so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

10 years and Superbowl sunday is worse then a normal sunday for us. No idea why, just is.

Sold 5 cases of wings in two hours and of course a ton of pizza!

We got killed on wings today, 80 pounds gone in 3 hours.
French-Fries! WTF? we cut our own fries here, and blew through 100 pounds of those too

We opened from 1-6 and were very busy 1-3 and then a bit at half time then a few straglers at 6. Nothing record setting but we don’t do delivery, wings, alcohol, no TV, and didn’t advertise being open (normally closed sunday) except for a little paper sign in the window. Everything was take out and I am glad we opened. Walter

The pre/early game rush was not nearly as busy as last year for us but late game stayed much busier than normal. I’m hoping it keeps up till close. Tonight will end with a huge increase on our record week, which has never before been a Super Bowl week.

Up 50% from last year. (We are in Colorado). About 8% below what we did two years ago last time the Broncos were in the game. Door time held at 22 minutes… not bad for a big night in a town with snow covered roads.

Sold 28 cases of wings in NY

we were up about 40% from a good Sunday…and it was all over by half time, per usual.