Harvest King flour

anybody using Harvest king flour for pizzas ?

http://www.generalmills.com/corporate/m … emID=15297

Yep, this is a winter wheat flour with approximately 12% protein content. Its a great all around pizza flour that can be used for both thin and thick crust pizzas. This is very similar to the flour that you worked with when you were in our pizza course. That’s all of the good news. Now for the bad news, Harvest Kine is a winter wheat flour, and a good one too. Winter wheat is in a record, all time short supply, so it is rapidly increasing in price. Fact is, many winter wheat flours are actually selling for more than winter wheat flours, or winter-spring blends. If you are experiencing high flour prices with this flour, you might want to look at something like Full Strength or Superlative. These are milled from spring wheat which is in much better supply and should be priced a little lower. The protein content of both Full Strength and Superlative is only a little higher than that of Harvest King so they should perform comparably.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thank you Tom, I have been using GM Superlative, good results, and paying $14 for 50# bag…
thanks for the heads up on the expected higher price of the Harvest King.