Has anyone cancelled third-party apps and seen a difference?

Hi all,

We’re busy. Real busy. My issue is that I’m watching these third party apps slowly but surely snake our customers away… locally, there’s a bit of a movement to get away from them and plead with customers to order directly through us - it seems to be picking up traction! Has anyone paused all of them simultaneously and if so, any major decreases in sales? It seems as though we’re all scared to risk it - it’s just getting out of hand! Thanks and be safe everyone!

I’m still trying to crunch the numbers. My business is definitely up since the lockdown, even with the loss ot the limited sit down diners I had. It looks to me that the number of customers I have for dinner (> 4 pm) is up, and some of that is attributed to 3rd party deliverers.

Just canceled Uber. Been maybe two years the tablet stopped working and have not taken any orders. Today they are on our Google page. Told them to remove us from Google and delete our store. Hopefully GH next, do very little with them.

If you take a 1/4 to 1/2 of the commission they would have charged you and apply it to marketing you’ll actually see an increase in sales.