Has anyone created "virtual' pizzeria themselves or thru 3rd party?

i got approached by company “future foods” and what they do for pizzerias/restaurants who using (dont mind using) 3rd party delivery services (grubhub, postmates, doordash, ubereats) is to create few virtual (online only) pizzerias with a unique name that will exist only online but you are the one full filling orders those restaurants receive. has anyone tryed it?

So, basically, they want to create a “Ghost Kitchen” in your current location, where you get ~ 70% of the sale and pay the processing fees? However, there isnt any brand awareness?

I’ve haven’t tried this yet but have looked into it a little. I’ve wondered if there are underserved markets that would pay a premium for product. Ex we have a lot of muslim immigrants moving into our area, would a ghost kitchen concept that caters to them work? Beef pepperoni, unique toppings and a business name that specifically applies to that market with a mark up that allows us to make money after getting killed by the 3rd party fees

I can’t imagine paying another company to set it up for you though. You’re already going to be paying so much to the 3rd parties, can’t imagine adding a 4th party