Has anyone tested Teflon dough boxes?

I see that American Metalcraft has a Teflon-based dough box available. I actually own a single box that I ordered for testing and can confirm it does indeed prevent dough from sticking to the box.

I’m wondering if anyone has an entire fleet of these in daily rotation. I’m curious as to how they hold up over time and if the large investment in new boxes truly saves labor dollars spent on soaking, scraping, and washing.

If anyone has any insight or experience, please share. Thanks in advance!

I’ve not looked at the boxes in question but Teflon does not have a stellar reputation for durability…we all know what happened to those Teflon fry pans of days long ago. We looked at Teflon on bakery pans at one time but durability was an issue then too. One thing I might suggest is buying a few of them and mixing them in along with your regular dough boxes for a long term evaluation before making and major decision one way or another. I might also add that over time polymerizing oil is an enemy of Teflon and as many of use oil the dough balls to prevent crusting or drying during the cross-stack period in the cooler you’re still going to get oil in the box and over time the oil will polymerize (that’s what makes old, unused pans and boxes feel sticky or tacky), if you’ve ever bought used pans you know what I mean.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor