Has anyone tried Chow Now?

I’m seriously thinking about trying Chow Now in one of our locations. I was hesitant at first because it doesn’t integrate with my POS; however, for the same price as a POS integrated system (with just website ordering) I can get a mobile app, facebook ordering, & ordering via my website through Chow Now.

It’s my understanding that Chow Now uses a tablet to receive the order. When you receive an order the tablet flashes and makes a sound. I was thinking I would have it on a stand next to our pos terminals and have employees enter the orders off the tablet and into the pos system as they come in.

There running a special now for us foods customers, cost is $1285 annually and it’s 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction for cc processing.

Thoughts? or better alternatives?

I currently use chownow. It does what it claims to do. I have gotten positive feedback from customers that enjoy using it… I haven’t tried any other companies for online ordering

Chow now only works for online ordering. If someone phones your restaurant for a delivery how do you know they are in your delivery area, zones, etc.

Ive been using ChowNow for over a year now its great. 20% of my sales are chownow

Hey Mike

Who’s working with you on getting ChowNow started?