Has Anyone Tried Coupons on Facebook?

I received an email from a local pizza competitor with coupons on Facebook. You like the page and get the coupon. Seems like a great idea. Instead of giving away coupons, we would actually get more Facebook Fans when people share the promotion with friends.

It seems like a no-brainer. The company that creates the app only charges $129 for a 90 day campaign. Has anyone tried anything like this? What were the results?

Its a pretty good idea but face book keeps changing. so its hard to keep updating.

I have used Facebook as a primary marketing outlet since I’ve opened. I have personally noticed that Facebook seems slowly scale back their overall effectiveness, resulting in you paying more. I have given up on using their pay features.

I met with an old colleague who also owns 2 pizza shops. He showed me his Facebook statistics for a few campaigns with a coupon app on Facebook & “Boost” posts. Here are the results I saw:

of Fans: Went from 346 to 1524 in 3 months (2013)

Reach w/ Boost (Min): Total Reach = 3768 Paid Reach = 2848 Cost: $20
Reach w/ Boost (Max): Total Reach = 6251 Paid Reach = 5452 Cost: $50
Facebook Coupon Redemptions: 724

He agrees with UncleNick, Facebook ads didn’t do the trick, but post Boosts did!

He says the facebook coupon app has a “Share” feature which greatly increased the response. Once he began promoting coupons on facebook, the advertising took-off! The cost of the facebook coupon app was $129.

I’m going to give this a try. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I apologize if this comes off as rude, and I may be completely mistaken, but I feel a bit “played”. Your post seemed a little to sales pitchy, so I looked at your other posts and it seems you have been plugging away that all of your 5 posts have been promoting this Facebook tool, which is fine. But a little shady when you ask for questions and feedbacks to disguise a sales pitch, and personally will ensure that I never try the product or service mentioned. Just my opinion.

Hmmm. Not sure what to make of UncleNick’s comments. I think my reaction is best stated in a private message.

whats the name of the company?