Has your business slowed lately?

Has anyone else noticed a slow down in business over the last 3-4 weeks or is it just me?

Its hard for me to quantify a slow down because our sales are still way up since the pandemic started. That said our sales a couple months ago had slumped like 15% from previous years but over the last couple of weeks I am actually seeing a resurgence in sales again. Its always a guessing game for me but I think a lot is going to depend on how inflation is effecting people and for me I think more people are staying home getting pizza instead of going out.

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Depends on your target market. I have families that have us as part of their routine as opposed to singles and late-night crowd. So when school gets out or its grad time, their habits/routines change resulting in either a sudden increase (like grad parties/other grad week activities) or drop when they head out of town as soon as the kids are out.

Graduation week has been good for me. Now that school is out we are heading into the slow time of the year for us. We are not having the sales that I thought we would this year. It is a little disappointing.