Hatco pizza display cases

I purchased a hatco display case a few months ago. It works just great keeping pizza slices hot and fresh. Only problem is it requires distilled water. It’s just a pain going to get gallons of water from the store. Question is can boiling tap water remove the minerals so it can be used in the unit? Or are there any other solutions?

The process of distilling the water involves capturing the steam and cooling it to return it to a liquid form. This process leaves the minerals in the container where the water started. So just to boil water would infact worsen the problem as the mineral content of the water would be higher.

I have the same units and use the distilled water. Regular tap water calcifies and can do damage inside. I get the distilled water from my distributer GFS. He charges .85 per gallon, so its very cheap. Not worth the hassle of going to the store for it. But I agree its a great warmer.

Thanks Guys. Thats what I figured but wasn’t sure. I’ll check with my distributor to see if they carry distilled water. At least it’ll save me a trip to the grocery store every week

We have several Hatco warmers. We have always used tap water in them. Our two oldest units are now over 10 years old.

Not all tap water is created equal, but if yours is pretty pure… well, it has not been an issue for us.