Have you claimed your listing on Google Places/+Business?

This week on Reddit, Katie’s Pizza losing business to a fake website:


You’ve probably already claimed your listing on Google Places (now Google+ Business)—but if not (or if you haven’t updated your Google+ Business page), this is a good reason to do it.



That’s crazy! I see so many businesses who haven’t claimed Google+ or Facebook either.

Or even have a website…

TRUE that. Why do you think that is? Because it takes too much time to set up?

I think many do not have a website because they are not sure how to measure it’s impact.

I think many rely on their existence as their only marketing…No web site, no Face Book, no yellow pages, no printed menus, etc., etc…Which may work fine until a new competitor arrives and blows them out of the water…Marketing should be proactive and is often too late if someone else shows up in your market…