haven't seen this scam in a long time

Lady calls and said I was in the other night and someone spilled something pink on me (we don’t sell anything pink) I was told to bring dry cleaning receipt in but I went to the hospital and I just got out. I asked who you spoke with she said the manager. I said the tall guy named Juan she said yes that’s him. No one named Juan works here. I said let me call Juan and check with him. I asked for her name and number. I called the girl who closes the one night I’m not here and of course nothing. So out of curiosity I called number back, disconnected. I used to get this in Chicago quite a bit.

That’s a good one. Love the “Tall guy named Juan” thing… I do that, too.
Yeah… the two greatest words ever put together are “People Suck”
I’ve heard many of them (scams)- as we all have, I’m sure.
I usually just cut them off with a “Dude, I’ve been listening to BS like this for 32 years so… just skip it”
Somebody called me with a “I ordered and where’s my pie?” line last month.
After a few minutes of back and forth and him asking “who do I call?” (and me not really knowing what that even meant) he asked me for the the last time “Who am I going to call?” I just paused for a few seconds and said “Ghostbusters?” He just hung up laughing.