havin one of those weeks...

This biz can be a lot of fun, and has been for quite a while but this past week was one i don’t like repeating. i started out the week with 9 employees and ended it with 2.

I knew 2 were leaving for school, 1 driver’s car died, 2 stopped showin up for work, 1 couldn’t handle having her second job, and 1 decided he had to move away out of state…TODAY and so he can’t work his shifts this week and left.

These were all delivery drivers. They make $12 - $18 an hour with tips and get to drive around in their car all night listening to their own tunes… it doesn’t get much easier.

Every few years one of these weeks pops up. I know we all get em, and tomorrow i will get up, go to work and rebuild my crew, and after a few weeks things will be flowing normally. I can’t wait.

Sorry for venting…just needed to get it out.

Hope everyone else is having a smooth end of summer transition.

I fell your pain. Today I was suposed to take my wife out for our anniversary. She ended up answering phones while I did deliveries.

Vent that spleen so it doesn’t make your pizza bitter :slight_smile:

I am feeling your pain. I’m not saying I am in the exact boat, but I can see you across the pond. In three weeks we’ve had our delivery driver quit mysteriously (booze), a cook (1 of 3) call in three times and basically quit, pizza prep stand die, rain last weekend that ended up showering into the dining room (yes brand new dining room) due to poor AC installation, rain into the kitchen during same rain storm, boycott announced of my place due to City Council decision I made, truck didn’t deliver groceries Friday as scheduled . . . .just drove back to the warehouse because I wasn’t there (I’m NEVER there . . . they call me), transmission on my car needs replacing . . .

But, my wife smiled and said she loved me, so I’m not crawling into the oven just yet. It might even get better if the School Night next week works out.

i lost 20% of my crew this week. Its the same story every year, right at the end of august.

See if you can lure a Big 3 Driver.

I feel your pain as well. Been there done that :cry:

I always look on the bright side (after venting my spleen on this forum :slight_smile: ) and say, ''When I’m this far down it can only get better".

We went for weeks with no driver what so ever on Wednesdays and months with only 1 driver on Saturadys. Now we have every shift covered. The only down side is one of the new drivers (a university student) is so dumb it’s not funny. He can’t add up money, he gets lost in the area he grew up in etc - real thick as a brick. But he is a nice guy :roll:

When there is a shortage of workers as we have you are left with the bottom feeders. I keep advertising so hopefully we will pick up some one with IQ levels better than mine :slight_smile: With this other driver I didn’t think IQ’s could go that low :?


last week was are worst week since opening kept saying cant wait till school starts to get back some after school biz but its been dead monday was good this week but tuesday died on the vine :x i think with the record highs and back to school spending people just stayin home . had one really good cust. like 100.00 a week disappear saw him said he got his kitchen done at his house cooking at home :roll: daing just gave him a shirt too.i guess if it was easy everyone would do it.

Wow, this is why I read the forum every day! I realize I am not alone when I encounter problems.

This is how our past three weeks have gone: pizza prep table died (bought a new one), air conditioner failed during 100+ degree week of heat wave (cost $700+ to get it fixed), lost seven employees who started college, decreased sales due to back to school. And during it all we have dealt with the tragic death of a former employee (and close friend of many current employees) in a car accident.

So I thank everyone out there for also sharing their problems. Like they say, misery loves company, so I think it is best to vent here whenever you need to. It helps everyone out.


If your wife would leave you and your dog bit you and the car were a truck, you’d have yourself a country music hit!.

Oh, and if that cute brunette in those pics you shared recently is your wife… I’ll be trying to sweep her off your feet :).

Hang in there everyone !!

Our cash register crashed half during the night - KARPUT :cry:

Hopefully can pick up a cheapie before we open to last until we get our POS installed later in the year.


We had a record breaking week, no staff problems…in fact I had a crew who truly knew every aspect of the pizza biz. I had more customers than I knew what to do with, the maketable wasn’t leaking, bathrooms were cleaned to my standard, all employees wearing uniforms and coming in early to help out…then I woke up…couldn’t go back to sleep for nothing. :lol:

Wow! We ought to try writing a country song from this thread - makes my troubles seem trivial in comparison.

Just for the record, I’m done whining and have made strides (baby steps) in the business.

  • Roofer identified the AC roof leak in dining room and AC guy coming to fix.
  • Customer quit job at Waffle House to cook with me 3 nights a week . . . pre-trained in food handling and griddle/saute work
  • New ColdTech prep table delivered yesterday is light years ahead of what we had before.
  • Sent School Night Flyers to school to be delivered . . . school nights next week
  • Dropping 4/4 color, glossy direct mail postcards into mail tomorrow AM
  • Main area newspaper was very fair in writing about out tax rate increase and meeting where we got “mugged” by our fellow council people.
    * Car Rental place wife’s online glowing report of service experience with the manager and his efforts . . . manager got written letter from company . . . we got a discount and 1 class upgrade for renting from them again.
  • Tally is in from last week: we are on pace for third highest sales month ever.
  • New hires for server and driver are excellent, and enthusiastic. Both jump in and do what needs to be done without pouting . . . neither have done their respective jobs before, and are great

So, I get to find the next violin keeper, and bail out of the C&W song before it gets going. Brother GT . . . tell us things are turning for yout, too.

Sure you’re not sharing he same dreamtime as Kris ??? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


yes folks we all have a lot in common and we’ve all been there and we go in the next day and start putting things back together.

thank you all for the sharing and understanding. this truly is a community of great, hard working, leaders who will all meet with success in the end!

Just remember, the bad times will make the good times that much sweeter!

Good Gravy! I hope not :shock: Just had a bear of a night that turned in 3rd highest Wednesday gross sales to date . . . highest for the year, of course. #1 was in 2004 Christmas Week and #2 was December 1st, 2004. Go figure; highest in 2.5 years.

I’d hate to wake up and see that $$$ was not real . . .sore back and feet I could live with going away :wink:

Top effort Nick.

Hope it is the start of something big. :smiley:

Just got our new cash register (replacing the one that blew up last night). Good deal only costing $280 brand new. Will go close to recouping this when I get our POS in a few months time.

On POS, the place where I got my register sells POS equioment and they have all in one touch screen / computer for really hot prices, as well as all the other gear. Heaps cheaper than getting touch screens and towers etc. Maybe blowing the cash register was a good omen. :?