having enough help

is there any formula for how much help to hire like based on sales or something? i haven’t opened yet and i have no idea how much help i will need. so if you can help me figure out how much help will be enough help it would really help. :smiley: (hmm, i suddenly have the urge to listen to the beatles)

I think you should have at least 3 or 4 workers to start of not including delivery drivers. once you see how the business does then you can figure out how many workers you really need. you need to realize it also depends of how big your place is. you dont want to have the place full of help and have a big payroll for no reason . Good luck.

It all depends on what you plan to offer.
Will you support Dine-in, is it Cafeteria Style, or do you plan to have servers.
Will you deliver? How big is your delivery area?
What kind of experience do you have. Can you make a 8-point large pepperoni in 35 seconds (Old Skool Domino’s reference there) or are you just entering the business.
What is the capacity of your ovens?
A good pizzamaker should be able to make 15 to 20 pizza’s an hour average. If your ovens hourly capacity is only 40 pizza’s and hour. You only need two good pizzamakers, if you are training new employees you might add a third, but once they are trained weed out the slower employee, and save yourself some money.
A safe delivery driver should be able to deliver 4 safe deliveries an hour within a 2 miles of your store, maybe as high as 6 or 8 if they are really close or they route. If you plan to deliver a larger area, hire accordingly. Make sure your drivers have the essentials, a flashlight, a map, map skills, and a cell phone. Hire older drivers if you can, 18 year old kids have lots of energy but they create lots of headaches(too many to explain)
Hire an asst manager to give you a day or two off a week, and hire a bookkeeper to do payroll, and create a Profit n’ Loss statement for you to decipher each period. Work hard in your store when your there, don’t rest, your employee’s will only perform at 70% of your greatest effort.
When its your day off, get away from your store, occasionally drop by unannounced, but stay away as much as you can. This helps your assistant build confidence.
I have several pizza stores.
When I worked for Domino’s we used a employees per $1000 chart much like an ordering per $1000 chart.
It was a mainstream skewed towards a store within a 2 mile square box.
If the store did less than $5000 a week. no additional piemakers needed above and beyond the Store Manager, and Assistant Manager.
If it was doing more than $5000
But we hired 1 PT piemaker for every $2000 in sales over $5000. a week.
Hire 1 full-time driver and 2 part-time driver until you get to $5000. a week in sales. If delivery is your mainstay you might hire 1 more before $5000. After $5,000 hire 1 PT Driver for every $1000 in sales.

sweet. that answers a lot of my questions
Work hard in your store when your there, don’t rest, your employee’s will only perform at 70% of your greatest effort
that’s so true
thanks a lot :smiley: