Heading to Kentucky to test an ItalForni

Hi Everyone,

I’m leaving after work tomorrow night to drive from Coastal North Carolina to Lexington, KY to Pizzaovens.com. I am going to be test driving a new ItalForni TSB Gas Stone Conveyor oven. They are pricey, but if it can really increase my output with no noticable change in the finished product, then I think it will be worth the investment. My plan is to get rid of one of my Y600s (supposedly I can stack the ItalForni on top of the other 600) and if all goes well this summer I’ll buy one more next year. I’m consistently on a 2 hour wait all summer. My Bakers Prides just can’t keep up. My hope is that with the stone conveyor I will always be placing a new pizza on a hot section of stone, thus improving the final product. Do any of you have any experience with this oven? My concern is that there is not a whole lot of info or user feedback out there because they are so new. I will take plenty of video and post the results of my test when I get back. (Since I’m driving all the way out there does anyone have any must-see or must-eat recommendations for the Lexington area?)

Let me know how it goes. I’d be curious if there is a way to reproduce the bake of an old style deck oven. Some say it’s doable with an air impinged conveyor oven but I just find that hard to believe.

Pizza Stop: I checked your website and your pies look great. I will be curious as well on your opinion because you know what a good pie is. Being raised in the late 50’s-80’s NYC area pizza scene I am jaded against them with nothing to base it on except a NY pie has to come out of a deck oven. As nice as your pies are I would lean to getting another stack of BP Y 600/800. Are you out of space or is it just the speed factor of the conveyor? Who services these ovens in your area would be my first concern. I wouldn’t have much fun making pizzas in a conveyor oven but I am at the place in life where I don’t need to make the kind of money you deal with. I reflect on Dom of Di Fara’s a lot as I grow older. He moves at one speed no matter how long the line is. Progress is a mixed bag in many ways… Walter

Were you able to test the Italiforni stone conveyor ovens? Any feedback?

I just read you are coming to Kentucky. I have a pizza shop about 1 to 2 miles away from pizzaovens.com
I use a remco 2000 which would work every well in a smaller location. Its foot print is smaller than 5 ft. x 5ft.
Rated thru put is based on pizza sizes. Making 14 inch pizzas, thru put is rated at apx 240 per hour.
Your are welcome to stop by and view our set up.