Hi everyone, some of you may have heard if follow me on Facebook that I was in a motorcycle accident last week.I shattered both wrists and am now resting and trying to get back healed and able to work. I had three surgeries on my wrists, 3 plates and 22 screws. I’m trying to get my phone set up so I could use a headset. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? The phones I have TMC EV-4500. I plan on writing a bigger post or blog about the whole experence and how it effected my store once I feel a little better.

Sorry u r a bit ‘under the weather’…but Plantronics.com rulez this space…ck 'em out 2 see if they can solve your delima…

As a former telephone man I have to second what Patriot’sPizza said. Plantronics have always been my goto headset.

Those are what i used when i worked IT for years. Once in a while someone would find an old non Plantronics sitting around… there was always a reason for that lol