health and dental insurance

Do any of you have health coverage for you and your family? How much does it cost? Where did you get it from? how is the coverage?

Of course. But it has nothing to do with Pizza. $700 per month for a family of 4. BCBS. Large deductible.

Ouch…my “favorite” subject. We pay for full coverage for myself, wife and one college aged child, and also for my son and his family…$2330.00 every stinking month!

Humana Health insurance, no dental insurance, 10,000 deductible for a family of four 300 a month. I am basically self insured for all minor events, but if I was to have a car wreck, heart attack(caused by pizza business) I would be covered except for the first 10K of course.

This is a subject that I think all on the TT might want too take a look at. With insurance being the main business on the other half of my family and my uncle owning a commerical insurance agency out of Chicago, I had a thought. Health insurance is killing everyone and only getting worse. I know I have mentioned co-op buying group for food and materials…but, and this is a big but because I am not sure how the intrastate insurance issues would work…but what about co-op health, dental, and vision coverage for all indie pizza shops. Allow all of the indies to buy-in for their own coverage and also give the option to fulltime employees. If this was possible and had enough interested… I am 100% sure that this could save a lot for people with any health issues and are paying an extreme premium for coverage. I am not an insurance person but I will send an email out tonight to see what the options would be for something like this. Let me know what you all think about something like this and I will post whatever info I can find out. I know with my health being not 100% that my premiums with BCBS went from $92 a month to $368 over 8 years. I finally dropped them and got on my wifes plan through her work. 1/4th the cost but the coverage is not nearly as good. The higher co-pays and deductable kind of wash out with the monthly savings. I think everyone should have good coverage and affordable premiums.

There is no company that offers the best deal for every person. You have to get quotes from different companies online and see which companies can provide you with the best price:

Brian, while I agree that for an individual no single company can offer the best plan over another I will 100% disagree with shopping online for group coverage. Past business experience shows that buying insurance as a group policy will save its members on their premiums and also with a large enough group going into a set coverage pool…the people that are unfortunate enough to have personal or family health issues can first of all get coverage and also at a very reasonable rate compared to any personal plan they might qualify for.

Just an added note here. The other thread about new manager and ways to keep them around and compensate them. Health insurance is such an important item these days. Even if you as the employer only pay a portion of the premiums…the fact that you offer it too them is a great perk. Yes it costs the company money…but any doctors visit these days costs hundreds and goes up. I broke a bone last year and ended up in the ER. I was only there 3 hours or so. Had xrays, got an IV because I was in a lot of pain, had pain meds in the IV, saw an ER doctor and an orthopedic one. Break was clean, the wife has learned to break them good these days, sidenote: JOKE PEOPLE!.. When I got all the bills. $2300 from hospital ER. $140 from ER radiologist. $350 from Ortho guy. $280 from ER Doctor. $65 for Medlabs…why… because I am a diabetic and they checked my sugar levels 3 times while I sat there. I still do not know why on that one, but they get their share. So over $3000. Good news was my in network hospital cost me 20% with the deductible waived. Now $600 is bad enough but think about one of your employees that might get hit for the entire $3000. OUCH! :shock:

We have Anthem BCBS for us and is available for our employees.

It is group insurance (meaning 2 or more people must carry it at our restaurant) My husband and I are the 2 who are constant. As for the employees it is a great deal for the younger guys…only about 100 bucks a month but the females run about 400-600.

The benefit of being in a group is there are no pre exsisting conditions.

Our plan includes vision and 10 copay no deductible. No dental

My husband daughter and I are about 1,000 a month.

Interestingly, group health is MORE expensive than individual in Colorado for most people.

Yes it is…because everyone is covered regardless. We have one employee who had throat cancer in his teens and could not get individual coverage for “cancer” because they considered it pre existing…so he is very thankful to be part of the group.