Health Ins.

Has anyone else seen a 50% increase in their Health Ins in the past 2 months?

i only have personal health ins, and thru the state exchange. Slight increase over last year but still 30% cheaper then the private plan before the ACA.

Mine has increased about 30% per year since the exchange went into operation. When we first went on the exchange it went up 50% with an accompanying increase in total out of pocket and no plan covered our local doctors or hospital. I have had my insurance cancelled a total of 3 times since the ACA passed and look forward to it getting cancelled at the end of this year when UHC pulls out. Yep, Hopey Changey is working well for me and mine.

Colorado had a ballot measure on last year to get ride of the State exchange, and all private insurances. And make a single tax rate across the state that pays for insurance for everyone in the state. Didn’t pass, part of me wish it did, because the system we have now does not work. It’s time to try something else.