Health Inspection...

Ok, im full of questions today. What I have to do right now is set up my Food Safety Plan and my Sanitation Plan. I know with different countries, and different health inspection expectations not everyone would have to do these. But…I do. Has anyone done these and be willing to share so that I may see what they look like and what I have to do to make sure mine is complete.
Thanx everyone!!

In Alberta the first thing you have to do is submit a bluebrints to the health dept. They will asses them and then give the go ahead for constrection/renovations.

Then there is the Food Safe Training the requirements of who and how many are determined by how many food handlers you have working at any given time. If you have more than 5 at a time there must be someone on shift that has certification. You will learn most of the regulations when you take this training.

Yup, blueprints are completed. Foodsafe course done. What I need now is to do the two documents. the food safety plan and the sanitation plan. Its basically written down procedures on what exact steps are taken with every food handling and every sanitation policy. Temps of fridges, hand washing procedures etc. And how food is handled to keep it safe for public consumption.

Did they giv you a sample to go by at your course? If not the health inspector should have a sample for you.