Health insurance for small business

I was wondering if most of the store owners out there offer health insurance. My wife owns a small business and doesn’t offer health insurance because we go through my company. The insurance is one of if not the only thin holding me back from leaving my job and purchasing a local deli/sandwich shop. So tired of yhe commuting around where I live. So was just curious about having to purchase my own insurance.

My stores do not offer health insurance. My wife and I have an individual policy with Aetna for about $180 a month. It’s a high deductible plan but it will keep me out of bancruptcy if some big health problems come up. Used to have Blue Cross and in my early 30’s they were quite reasonable for a more traditional plan but it more than doubled over the 8 or 9 years I had it and the huge increase I wouldf have had last year was enough for me to realize I do not need insurance for the small stuff. Call or go online and get quotes from Blue Cross, Aetna, Golden Rule and whatever other big insurance companies there are. If you don’t have preexisting conditions it might be a good option.

The last quote I got, yr 2009, was $4500/yr per employee. I don’t think $150k year is in my range. Its probably around $10K/yr now. But hey, according to the GOP, all is good with health care. If you’re a rich congressman or senator, covered by a ‘government’ plan and the heck with everyone else. As for me, its too rich and doesn’t offer anything for the price. AND PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICE OF PIZZA - go figure… FIX HEALTHCARE!!!

Here’s a reality check… most people injured in the Colorado shooting had no health insurance. Think about that… and then think about politics.

Our shop was way too small to offer insurance . . . <$300K annual sales. There is need for everyone to check the upcoming mandates for coverage in the Healthcare Act now in place. I am not up to date on when or who will be required, but it’s something to check now so it is planned and no surprises. Probably just the larger companies with large employment will be affected.

I was stunned to learn that one of my suppliers was paying over 14,000 per employee for their plan…A high end plan with all the bells and whistles…