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Great site ! Just registered with the Think Tank and have a question.

My wife and I are about 6 weeks away from opening a delco pizza shop. As if the construction wasn’t confusing enough we are now dealing with finding health insurance for our family. My wife had great insurance until she left to become a full-time mom and help me with the store.
Does anyone know of a good health insurance plan or company that we could use that won’t cost us more than $1000 a month like her cobra would ?
We have two children ages 19 months and 4 months.

Thanks ! I look forward to contributing all I can to the forum.


Not knowing where your live, but my advise is to contact an insurance broker in your area that deals specifically with Health Insurance and have him shop the varoius companies he represents. Shouldn’t be that difficult it you contact the correct borker! COBRA is too expensive to maintain!

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i am paying $1300 for my family and that is through our group plan…sure its a tax writeoff but still…OUCH!

Blue Cross/Blue Shield costs me under $350/month to cover my wife and I.

I am on Blue Cross Blue Shield as well and for myself (36) and my son (5) it runs me $242.00 a month.

what sort of plan do you guys have (ded., etc) because BCBS around me (NOrtheast) is not that cheap unless you have some very large deductibles.

I have a $1000/$3000 deductable on an 80%/20% PPO plan. Just looked at most recent invoice and costs $615 every two months for coverage for my wife and I.

I spend about $700 w/ bcbs NC. That is for family coverage (I have 3 kids) 80/20 $1000 deduct. free generic drugs!
it cost me about $89 per month for my manager a 27 male.

I am on the BCBS PPO with a $1000 deductable, 80/20 plan.

We are going through the same thing.
We had an individual policy for myself and family and was resonable at about $380 a month. The down side of individual policies are they do not cover maternity and are sometimes hard to qualify for.
I have a new partner and his family did not qualify for an individual policy so we were force do find a group policy, now we are paying over $1100 a month each family!
It is a big problem.
I have heard the local chamber of commerce has larger group policies and are less expensive. Anyone tried that?

Good Site

Hi cool site friends!

Take advantage of customer rewards services through your food vendors. Pepsi, Sysco, US Foods etc all offer services from pest control, credit card processing, mobil phones and yes, health insurance through partnerships with other service providers.