healthy pizza is bad pizza

There is no such thing as a true " healty pizza", and anyone who says so should be thrown into a large bear trap, along with all the other propagandists from the health industry. Real pizza is dripping with oils, meats and cheese, with so much flavor it`s a surprise it dosent explode in your face like a grenade.

I would have to agree, to a point. Pizza is really not all that bad for you. Most of us who have a more artisan style pizzeria have the ability to use the freshest ingredients, better cheese and meat choices etc. Not to mention that olive oil, properites of stewed tomatores, garlic are 3 of the most healthy things we should eat daily! (At least that is what a friend of mine who is head of cardioligy at a hospital told me.)

My chiropractor and I just had a discussion about that at my last visit over my back.

Pizza would be much healthier if they didn’t use all of the “bleaches” in the flour and basically stripping the natural ingredients that are nutrients from the supplies.

The hormones and steroids in the cattle come through in the meat and the cheese.

The veggies have more than likely been treated with pesticides to protect the crops.

So, that leaves all of us in a lurch.

But, what can a pizza company do?

The bulk of the people out there unaffected by the health problems from the things I listed above will still continue to eat the pizzas made with all those cheap ingredients because if you offered whole wheat crusts and organic toppings only, your costs would be outrageous in comparison.

There’s not enough people who have identified their allergens to know what they can and cannot eat, so they’ll happily ingest modified pizzas (no sauce, no cheese) from the cheaper place and ditch the organic all together, IMO.

although I truly respect your opinions, I am of the belief that you can have several different types of pizza on your menu - from the “not so healthy” to “healthy” pizza on your menu.

Using some different cheeses and vegetarian toppings to pizzas with no cheese to gourmet soy cheese to gluten free pizzas and the like

food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in the food industry and the ability to react to those customers that"used to be able to eat pizza" - those customers can possibly now eat your pizza…
just a thought - never try and look beyond the next possible customer

higher cost of ingredients would allow for you to charge more for your pizza that they may want to order…

My definition of healthy is not by the fat/carb/protein makeup, but rather by the quality of ingredients. I believe a healthy food is made of the highest quality, fresh, and whole (or minimally-processed) ingredients… Preferably in season and purchased locally. We are striving towards this.

Pizza, like any properly sourced and prepared food, can be healthy. Everything in moderation.

Well here’s a spanner.
We have just opened a pizza shop in Australia.
All Organic. That means organic flour, oil, vegies etc.

It is also Vegan… !! OMG yep a vegan organic pizza shop.
Should i be kicked of this forum?
Well it is still pizza and our italian pizza freak friend approves them!

Organic Food just tastes better, and eating it makes you feel better.
The vegan bit… well that is very open to debate.

But quite seriously i think that pizza has the potential to be quite healthy.
Just depends how they are made really. … . .

So there’s the spanner in the works.

jason3w where about are you located in oz?


Healthy is the future. Vegan, I am not so sure. But we will offer vegan items on the menu. I still love the flavor and texture of meat. Keep it up and you should stay on this forum!

YOu are so…so right on this one… :wink:

So “3W” and others that have or are offering a soy cheese alternative. How’s it working for you? I have read what I can find on it with PMQ and other sources and there seems to be a wide range of success with things like melt and tastes. Can anyone step in and share some real-world experiences with me? I have two motives…I’m opening in 90 or so days and wanting to offer myself as the alternative in town, fresh, organic where possible, house made where practical…and two, my very best buddy in the world is severly lactose intolerant, and LOVES pizza (recently diagnosed) and I’d LOVE to be able to offer him and others the chance to still stay “normal” in some aspect of their life!

i think people who want to eat pizza know they are not eating something healthy and therefore want to “cheat”, i think they want greasy cheasy meaty deliciossness, if they want to eat something healthy they eat something else… that being said we offer a “healthy” pizza thats not really that healthy and I do think the trend will go that way as people start to realize its what they eat that makes them sick or unhealthy “for the most part” but that wont happen for a bit

I agree completely with you. There are some small trendy markets in America; where “healthy” pizza(I use the word lightly, because I am yet to find a truly healthy pizza) is a fad product right now. The vast majority of people truly want the full pizza experience. I eat very healthy 95% of the time and I have to admit pizza is probably my only dietary downfall, but every couple weeks or maybe once a month I do a greasy and delicious pizza and usually purchase a handful of sides with it, because I want the experience. Am I the greatest customer to have, probably not; there are people who order much more regularly than I, but I will routinely drop $40 in my one visit. I am also that customer who will be loyal, but if you mess up or do poorly, without appropriately rectifying it, I will be done with you, period.

On that topic, last time I ordered pizza, I got the rudest phone person I had ever dealt with. Now I live in Michigan, and it was the second to last game of the Stanley Cup and I understand, no one wants to work, but, come on. We are in a struggling economy and if you don’t understand that every customer you can get is a blessing, then you are missing the big picture. I will certainly take my money elsewhere next time, sorry, but I know there are several places that will be happy to take my money.

The only unhealthy pizza is the unsold one

i have done some simple things to make my pies healthier than say 35 years ago. for one i stopped adding any salt to the sauce, it doesn’t need it. i use extra lean ground beef and sausage made locally, good stuff. i have two vegan combos, one with no cheese but with olive oil and extra fresh garlic. i have never had a whole wheat crust i liked but simple things like lowering fat and salt, no MSG, make a huge difference and i am getting some older people that may have high BP or something and can’t have lots of salt so they buy from me. most people have salt at home so they can add it if they really want it, most don’t. pizza hut is loaded with salt (it doesn’t help). j

Everyone thinks in a different ways such as pizza’s menu . I make best pizza . I have many menu of pizza . Depends your choice what type of pizza , you like to eat. Pizza is neither bad nor good for health. But I thinks it is more better than smoking. I love pizza.

I think I’ll make this my next USP. :slight_smile:

What ??
Pizza comes in so many different forms , it just depends where you purchase it or who’s recipe you follow when making it at home . There are so many ways to make pizza healthy , for example, my “5 a day pizza”
This pizza gives you your recommended daily intake of 5 fruit or vegetables a day , therefore its a healthy meal choice for children or adults.
For an extra healthy point the pizza base can be made using wholemeal flour so there are less carbohydrates in the pizza , and as I am an expert in Neapolitan pizza making , THERE IS NO OIL USED IN THE MAKING OF MY DOUGH!!!
check out my blog for more info , any questions just post a reply
Agostino Vitiello