heart shaped pizza pan

Does anybody know where I can get heart shaped pizza pans.


try this…

make a cut-out shape of a heart…use paper or tag-board…

hand toss your pie, but don’t create a “lip” or crust…

finish stretch by hand on table…

lay cut-out over dough & use pizza cutter to cut around shape…

place on screen, sauce/cheese/top…bake

we do several shapes that way…you will get a bit of a crust when baked…

Does anybody know where I can get heart shaped pizza pans.

I use a metal band the makes a heart shaped “cookie cutter”
makes about 4 difference sizes, got it a a food supplu company, think it’s fairly common.

What size are pan you looking for? We purchased the red heart shaped aluminum cake pans, 9", for our Valentine’s Day special. Got them from our paper goods supplier. They are not cheap but you can re-use them a few times. Be sure to use pan spray in them. Helps get the pizza out of the pan if sauce or cheese bakes onto the side wall. We use an 8 oz dough ball to make these personal heart shaped pizzas. Take the dough ball and pull it into an oval shape. Take your dough scraper and make a 1/2" notch in one end. This helps with shaping the dough into the pan. Put the dough in the pan and push it out to the sides. Dress it. It will plump up nicely when it bakes.

I have seen similar sized non-stick cake pans in Wal Mart. More expensiive but will last a lot longer.


Lloyd Pans used to carry them. Contact John Crow. You can find their contact info at www.pizzatools.com

I was just wondering how many heart shaped pizzas you guys put out on Valentines day? I think this year we had about 160 and we are only open from 4-10. No one else in our area makes them, and people go crazy over them!