Heart shaped pizzas 2/14

Ok we have customers begging for heart shaped pizzas. Myself and my kitchen have fought it for years. BUT

How hard are they to make? Is it really as simple as cutting off a bit of dough?

So all those that do it for 2/14 is it hard? Is worth it? How do you do it? Does it slow down the kitchen?

Thanks for any advice!

Ask Famousperry he sells a ton of heart shaped pizzas
He does them all year too


You could buy a heart-shaped pan. If you’re not filling them with pan dough, flip it over and use it as a template to cut around with a pizza cutter or paring knife. Or cut out a template from a thick piece of plastic.

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I personally think it’s not that hard, just an annoyance. I was so nervous doing them last year and really only a handful ordered them. I did only do them on V-Day though, so this year im going to do between 1-14th.

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order from Lloyds now
we do them all year long and its definitely worth it

I think I will order that tomorrow. Thank you for the link!

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We have been making heart pizzas for over 30 years using a disposable 9" red aluminum cake pan (HFA or Pactiv)) using an 8 oz dough ball. We top them with pizza sauce, Grande mozzarella and two toppings.

We typically sell around a 100 of them. Paired with a cannoli, we charge $14.

We also have a heart shaped s/s press down dough rings (Lloyd’s). Roughly 14" size. Regular menu price.

Operationally, you can fit 5 of those pans to a sheet tray and stack on top of each other. You want to pan them up in advance. Dress to order. We offer the pizza in the pan to the customer, cut or uncut, their choice. We also offer them cold with the plastic cover, to bake at home.

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We sell them all year. Same size dough / box as a 14", we have the ring / template from Lloyd’s I believe. $1 upcharge on a heart pizza. Have sold 7 this month, 25 last year on V Day. Sheet out on V Day ahead on time on full sheet pans.

We also do them all year long. We just cut out a template from a pizza box.

Thank you for all the input everyone. Looks like we have a few ideas to make it happen. Appreciate the help!

I tried to order another heart shaped mold from Lloyd Pans a week or 2 ago. They were all sold out and wouldn’t have until March. Plan ahead for next year if you’re looking to get an actual mold

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