Hearth Bake Disks - Finger Setup and Bake Temp/Time

Hey all,

I am trying the hearth-bake discs in an impingement oven and was wondering if anyone could recommend a top and bottom finger configuration and ballpark bake temp and time for a crisp, but foldable pizza? I think, even if one doesn’t use a hearthbake disc but bakes a thin crust pizza with the same qualities could chime in as well!

I’ve had success with thicker pizzas in the impinger but have yet to try a thin crust (or eat one where the crust isn’t soft and spongy!)

Bottom fingers - distribute evenly all the way across

Top fingers - one immediately at the opening, one at the very end, none in the middle.

Temperature - start with what you’ve always used + 50 degrees F. Experiment from there.

Thank you! Very close to what I planned on experimenting with. Much appreciated.

Update: This worked out pretty well, but we did experience some dryness in the crust compared to a deck oven. Is there any work around for this? Any tips or tricks for tweaking the bake characteristics a bit?

Use an instant read thermometer and stick it in the crust as soon as the pizza comes out. Do not wait for it to reach all the way to the end of the conveyor. The crust should be between 205 and 209 Fahrenheit. Too low and you will get gum line. Too high and you will turn it into a cracker (not in a good way). Fiddle with time or temperature until you get the desired result.