Hearth Bake Pizza Disks

What does “fast bake (calibrated) conveyor pizza oven” mean? We use a XLT 3255 / 2009

This is from Lloydpans.com

"A new pizza disk design that allows pizzas to bake in a fast bake (calibrated) conveyor pizza oven and emerge with the special crispness associated with hearth oven baked pizzas.”


We’ve used the “cloud” discs from Lloyds since day one and love them.

I’m not sure if you’re asking more what a fast-bake oven is, or if the disc perform as advertised. They do. I tried several disc options at the AIB “pizza camp” several years back and the for me, the hearth bake discs gave as close to a deck oven bottom crust as I could come…without the deck ovens.

Yes, they are a bit more pricey that some others out there, but consider we’ve used ours everyday for the last 3+ years and there is zero damage, no pitting, and nothing to suggest they won’t be in daily service for many years to come.

The Hearth Bake Disks are specifically designed to impart a hearth baked characteristic to pizzas baked in an air impingement oven. To get the desired performance from the disks you should delete all sugar, milk, and eggs from the dough formula as these will only serve to cause excessive charring of the crust. Then set the oven to a baking temperature of 465 to 475F for any of the new generation air impingement ovens, or 500 to 515F for any of the older models. Bake time will be variable, but it should come in close to 5-minutes. The holes in the disk impart the desired char to the bottom of the pizza while the wide outer edge prevents the development of a “pizza bone”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I should have listed our bake times as well, thank you Tom for that reminder…

We use an older XLT3255, we do have a scant 4oz of white sugar in a 25lb batch, and don’t see any adverse charring or browning. We bake at 6:10 give or take, at 465F.

Our “hand tossed” style is baked completely on the disc, our “Pub crust” which is the same dough, just rolled and tossed super thin, we will slide back in without the disc for maybe another minute or two just to crisp up the crust even further.