Hearth Baked Disc from Lloyd Pizza Pans

Does anyone use these discs in a conveyor oven? I have a middleby double stack ps360 and haven’t had much success finding the right settings to get a good crust. Has anyone found settings that work well for them?

I tried he Lloyd Pans just out of curiosity and didn’t think it did much difference. What kind of crust are you going for? I do a crispy thin crust, a caramelized pan crust, and Chicago deep dish all in my mm 360 conveyor.

We do a hand-tossed and a (chicago style) thin…I’d like to get a cracker crust. What settings is your oven on?

To get the most out of the Hearth Bake Disk in a MM-360 gas air impingement oven try the following:

  1. Delete all sugar, milk or eggs from the dough formula.
  2. Set the oven temperature at 500 to 510F
  3. Set the baking time at 5-minutes.
    Your oven should have a full open bottom finger profile.
    The temperature is pretty well set but since all ovens are different you will most likely need to play with the baking time a little to get it tuned in.
    BTW: Hand tossed and Chicago cracker style typically don’t play well together since most cracker style crusts are made from doughs with something in the 40 to 50% absorption range (not very conducive to hand tossing) and are opened by passing the dough through a sheeter and then docking it prior to dressing.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom, what results would you likely get by removing sugar in your recipe?


The reason for removing the sugar from the dough formula is to prevent the crust from charring when baked at those high temperatures. It sugar were present in the dough formula the bake time would need to be shorter to prevent excessive color development which in turn would result in a less crispy finished crust. The only place where you want to see anything close to char is where those “cloud shaped” holes are. The high heat serves to improve the oven spring of the dough as it enters the oven, just like the high temperature of the deck does. The disk was developed specifically to allow replication of a hearth baked crust in an air impingement oven, to that intent it works quite well.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sent you a PM Patrick, hope all is well back east buddy!