Heartland cc processor

This today from my bank. They issued all new cards.From Independent Community Bankers of America:

Heartland Payment Systems, a card payments processor that handles approximately 100 million transactions per month, reported on Jan. 20 that it was the victim of a security breach within its processing system. The breach occurred from May through November 2008, exposing an undetermined number of debit and credit cardholders to potential fraud. No unencrypted personal identification numbers, addresses or telephone numbers were involved in the breach, but the fraudsters were able to get card numbers and magnetic stripe data that has allowed them to recreate “duplicate” cards.

From USA Today:

Heartland disclosed Tuesday that intruders cracked the system it uses to process 100 million card transactions per month from 175,000 merchants. Heartland began investigating late last fall, tipped by Visa and MasterCard; but its tech staff was stumped. “We brought in a forensic auditor and worked for over a month, and only last week we found proof that our system had been breached,” Baldwin (a spokesperson for Heartland) said. “Up to that point we had no internal data suggesting any breach.”

The case could turn out to be the largest data breach yet reported. Anyone who used a payment card at one of the restaurants or retailers that rely on Heartland to process card transactions could be at risk. These merchants include “independent business people in towns and cities across America,” including some franchise chains," Baldwin said. Heartland has been unable to ascertain “a specific start and end date” for the intrusion, and has not been able to determine how many transaction records were stolen, he said.

That is awful. Makes me hesitate to contract with them.

Wow, I’m glad the guy that came in here was a douche and I decided not to go with them.

Wow, I’m glad the guy that came in here was a douche and I decided not to go with them

Must be the same salesman I had!