Heartland Credit Card Processor

Anyone using Heartland for their processing? How long does it take to get your money deposited.
Since check cards have become so popular 80% of my sales is credit cards. It takes 48 hours from
the time I close out to get my money deposited. I have had several discussions with my rep and get
a different answer each time. I am interesed in seeing when everyone else is getting their $$$$$.


rbs lynk is the same, fridays sale are on tuesdays ledger

2nd business day. What is the problem?

Same here, I use Chase Paymentech the money is in on the second business day. All the weekend money hits us on Tuesday.

I have been using Global Payments for about 7-8 years. Just switched to Mercury Payments because they are tied in with the POS system we just went with. With both companies my funds are posted the next day, except for the weekend they are posted on Tues. Global was never a problem in our 8 years so I was hesitant about switching but Mercury actually saved me a little money and their service has been very good the few times I’ve needed them.

I use Heartland also. 2nd business day, weekend posts on Tuesday

The POS affiliated CC processor deals I have seen are a LOT more expensive. We are currently running about 200K per year rate through the credit cards. I would not trade a half point higher rate ($1000 per year) to have the money in my acount a day sooner. I don’t run my check book balance that close to edge that a day makes a difference.

Heartland is currently running at 2.6%. In our slower season it came to 2.8% (all in). When I looked at the fees from the processor connected to the POS and at the rates from our bank, both would have come in between 3.2% and 3.5%.

Although I don’t use Heartland, I have used First Data and the funds where deposited the next day. Weekend on Monday. My fees where good. 2.5% to 2.8%. I switched to Mercury because they offer free gift card processing and the fees are still the same %.
First Data is the largest processor there is. They have good service and I never had any problems with them. But free gift card processing is enough to entice me to switch. Those swipe fees can add up quick if you plan on doing fund raisers with gift cards.

I have Heartland and as long as I batch out before 10 Pm, the money is deposited by the next morning except on Fridays which takes until monday morning. I bank with TD Bank ( formerly Commerce) which has an agreement with Heartland.

Thanks for the info B. I’m glad you’re happy with Heartland. My credit card business runs a tad over 200K/Yr. Having the funds hit my checking acct. the next day is not a big deal. Thats just the one of the things I was offered since they have an agreement with the bank I do business with. No extra fee. As Pizza of the Month said they also offer free gift card processing that was a big deal for me. Fees are in the 2.5% to 2.8% range(all in). When I received Mercurys’ quote I was pleasantly surprised since they were affiliated with the POS company I wanted to go with.

I use Heartland for our processor…we have been having problems with our funds not showing up within 48 hours. I’m not really sure if it is my bank or them but I do know that I’m getting very aggrevated. If it is them and they continue to be slow at depositing my funds I will need to find another processor. After all when it comes time for them to take their percentage they are “johnny on the spot”.

When I see delays in the deposits, it always turns out to be my employees forgetting to batch out. If you go on the internet site and check your account you can see when the batches are run… interesting stuff.