Heated Delivery Bags?

Anyone using heated delivery bags with conveyor oven pizzas? If so, how do you like them and which ones are you using? We have a small dense delivery area in SF and we’re pretty fast but I want that pizza to be oven-hot when it’s delivered.

I tested these bags extensively back in the day when they came about and in reality there is little to no difference in the temp of the pizza. They can be used as marketing device though. The customers will think the pizza is hotter

even with freezing temps?I would think it would help some??

The city I live in has been the coldest place on the planet a few times over the past couple of years. I use delivery bags from Bag Solutions which are not heated. In 10 years I have not had more than a couple complaints of cold pizza. I feel heated bags are not really needed if you have good delivery times.

You could be right. I always think everyone has the same weather conditions as us. Last month we had a couple of days where it dropped below 70

lol … i think we actually had one or two days ABOVE 70 :smiley: