Heated delivery bags?

Does anyone have suggestions for a heated bag?
I’ll consider any recommendations, from the kind that have a modified shelf unit with plugs for hot plates, to people telling me it’s a waste and just to get a regular bag.
Delivery is a big deal here, and if I show up noticeably hotter, it would make a big impression…

I’m looking for specific products you like.


This article should help you get started…

We moved to ‘Hotcell’ and havn’t looked back. I’m impressed with how fast they charge and how long they keep the pies hot and fresh. There is no comparison with the thermal bags and we no longer get complaints with soggy luke warm pies. However, not cheap but worth it.

I did a search for “Hotcell” and couldn’t find a company that deals in them…can you point me in the right direction please.


I am not sure if this is the one he is talking about, but here is the link for CookTek’s product: http://www.cooktek.com/productsHeatedDelivery.html

Here is a listing of hot bag companies: http://www.pmq.com/mag/2002winter/hotbaglist.shtml

I like the ones that plug into the cig lighter in the car they work great for me and you can also get a whole system from them as well that sits on a shelf and keeps the pizzas hot untill the driver takes it. Look at www.hotbag.com

It is the cooktek system.

I like this one as there are no wires, no ‘plugging in’.

Thanks all - I couldn’t quite fund the fancy wireless type, and did in fact get a couple to start with from Hotbag.com