so I have found that it would be best to get a 100lb tank of helium, its huge does anyone know if this can be stored outside (under a cover?)
or is it sensitive to heat and cold?


Cylinders should be chained or secured in a security stand designed for this use. Most states and cities have specific requirements for these restraints. Consult your local Helium distributor for information.

Do not leave Helium cylinders unattended or unsecured in public areas. Larger cylinders weigh upwards of 180 pounds and can cause serious injury if they fall on someone.

Keep cylinder storage areas well ventilated and basically at room temperature.

Leave protective caps in place when balloon regulators are not attached.

I googled storing helium and this is one of the things that came up. If you want to find out what the local requirements are contact a place like Praxair or the fire department.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent…Some applications for insurance policies include a question about storage of helium and/oxygen tanks on the premises…