anyone know how i would go about doing helium balloons? I have seen the disposable tanks but wanted someting refillable…where is my first call?

check with your local welding supply place they will know where you can get the tanks and gas

Helium is getting costly so best make sure you use 8" or 9" balloons versus 11" or 12"…

Yup…call your local welding supply house, they can hook you up with a tank lease. You might also think about using “Hy-Float” or a similar brand sealant. Florists and others with balloons use this liquid sealant in a std. latex balloon to keep them afloat longer, like days instead of hours. That is, if what you’re wanting to do with the balloons will mean longer is better. The Hy-Float or like products, can be purchased from most any floral wholesaler and I’ve even seen it offered at discount “party” stores that sell decorations and cards etc.